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When last I posted anything at all I wasn't even done with my BS. Now I'm almost done with my Masters. I bet the next time I post I'll be almost done with my PsyD XD
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i never keep up with this.
school starts on monday for me. woohoo! i'm almost finished!
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HOORAY! School is done for the semester. I'm bummed out though because I got my very first C :(. My boyfriend took me to eat sushi and see a movie to make me feel better.
My grades are:
Biology: Form and Function: B
Biology: Form and Func. Lab: B
Environmental Geography: A
Algebra: C

I would have had a B or an A in Algebra except I BOMBED the final. My teachers (we had two, the class was really large...in the beginning) didn't tell us we couldn't use a graphing calculator. I really should have used some common sense though.
I didn't need it to actually do the graphs but I needed it to do logarithms. All I had was a crappy business one that only did LNs so I had to do base changes...which aren't difficult, just annoying and since I hadn't needed to do them I didn't have much practice with them. It sucks because I really rock at logarithms. Anyway, the business calculator automatically rounded...*most* things inputted or outputted. Part of our test was multi-choice and the calculated answer was being thrown off so much I couldn't tell which answer to choose. Luckily there was a scientific calculator circulating but I didn't get it in time and could only recheck a scant amount of my test.
I might retake the class if I'm allowed, I really dislike that C. I'm going this week sometime to look at my final and see if the logarithms are to blame for my poor grade as I suspect they are.

Math can make me feel so dumb sometimes. I only have Trig. left to take, but I do have a Psych. statistics class in the fall semester. I think I'll do just fine in it though, so I'm not worried the least bit.

Fall 2008 sched.
Psychology: Statistics
Psychology: Personality
Psychology: Educational Psychology
Biology: Biodiversity
Biology: Biodiversity Lab
I had a history and music course too but I deleted them because I didn't want to be aggravated with extra classes I don't need. I may pick up another class somewhere, but really it's hard to fit them into my life since I work during the day. Most of my classes are online and some, like my biologies, are done on campus after 3pm.
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Had a lolita meet up Saturday at Sucre, which is a really awesome pastry shop on Magazine street. There was glitter on all the desserts, they were so beautiful! There was also a not-so-normal selection of gelato flavors, like Nectar Soda, creamsicle and cocount basil. There were the standard flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, almond etc.
Once we all got there we had a treats and some of us had a nice light lunch :), the chicken potpie there was really amazing! Best $10 chicken potpie I ever had *hehehe*. I was happy to see Kammie again, her bangs and eyelashes were LOOOVELY, not to mention her super kawaii macaroon JSK and AP accessories! We missed seeing Jasmine and Geneva, I'm sure they looked really lovely too! Oh well, next time we'll have a set time so there won't be so much confusion :).
There were some new lolitas there also :). Amy and her boyfriend Chris were in for Pyrate Con :). Gabby was really cool and soooo tiny, I LOVE her pink hair so much!!! There was another group of three people (2 girls and a guy) but I didn't catch their names :( SORRY! but I did really like the strawberry wa-lolita outfit!!!!!!
And then there was Hai, who I met a couple of years ago, but I was very happy to make his acquaintance again (maybe we won't lose touch this time, huh!!). I also met West, Lil Cooch, Eric and a couple of other guys who's names I've forgotten (sorry guys!!!! Ya'll aren't any less special!!!)
At the park I ran into my cousin Hope. Well, more like she *glomped!* me :D* I couldn't tell who it was at first cuz she had on SUPER HUGE sunglasses and well....I just wasn't expecting to see her, haha! Evidentally Kammie and Lil Cooch know her, which is pretty damn cool :P

Next meetup I need to wear pretty eyelashes, more blush and lip gloss. I looked so pale in the pictures!
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okkiee so i exaggerated the 17 hours deal *laughs* but it was like 8 and with some fat woman shoving her ass into my seat for 90% of the flight there...yah felt like 17. I had a really awesome time though.
Jason and I are trying to get work visas, we really loved it over there! Amsterdam and well, the Netherlands as a whole is a totally livable place! No, it's not an island paradise and not I suppose not the typical place someone would want to live out the rest of their days in. It's cold and snowy and rains a lot...but there's so much awesomeness (at least for us!) that out weighs all of the ugly weather. Really, I like cold snow and rain more than heat, sweat and drought haha! It's really a gorgeous place!! I like that biking is the primary transportation and there's surfing there, hell yah!!! It's nice that some drugs are legal, but really it didn't have an impact on how I felt about Amsterdam one way or the other :) I'd love it just as much as if they weren't (WOOHOO!!!)
Best place in the world by far. We're going back next summer (2009)more than likely for a month (a month AT LEAST!!) and it's gunna rock so much! It's then that we're going to apply for our tax ID and all that good stuff in order to get visas :) look for an apartment, get some health insurance etc etc.
Ugh, now I hafta save money sooooo.....I'm learning how to sew. Yes, I'm going to start making my own lolita clothes. It's probably going to pretty tragic at first though.
I'm also starting a home-based biz! yay!!!! Making bath products and some other things, the company is called Girly Magic :) I'm really excited!!!!
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I leave this Saturday to go to Amsterdam with my boyfriend, it's a dream come true! I've been wanting to go to Amsterdam FOREVER! I'm in an activist group called Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) and they were offering a spring break trip. Me and my boyfriend talked it over a bit and figured we should just save our money. Well, I talked to my mom a few days later and she encouraged me to go, citing the fact that this WAS why I was saving my money...the chance to travel :) so I walked in the house and announced to my boyfriend that we were indeed going WOOHOO! and now...its soooooooooooo close :D*! the plane ride is going to be 17 hours, fun fun, i'm glad i like flying!
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Soooo...I'm always effin with my hair. I'm a blond now, it's dark blond. I finally caved in and decided to get extensions so I wanted to go with a natural color. Bright oranges and yellows and all that other stuff is way to hard to maintain and since I'm dropping a butt-ton of money on them I want then to look lovely. I go this Friday to get them put in :)
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oh. hrm. i bleached almost....all the black out of my hair. yah, it's like flamin red now..."light intense copper" to be exact. so of course some fried of the bottom, but i knew that was going to happen since my hair used to be platinum before it was black. Anyway, I had to cut off a good bit, which doesn't really bother me because hair grows back and it isn't the end of the world. I really want to grow my hair long again but I get bored so easily with it and want to change it. So, I think I'm going to make a belated New Year's resolution: I'm not cutting my hair (except for trims) until it gets to my shoulders. By that time all the funk from the black ought to be mostly grown out and then at that time I'll cut it to an inch below my chin then repeat the process of growing it to my shoulders again and cutting until all the funk is gone for good :). Oh and i think i'll keep my super short bangs, I want them shorter now but with my hair so short they'd look stupid. They're just on this side of passable now (especially if i fluff my hair out)! Anyway general consensus on my hair is extremely positive :) ...i wonder if my boss will object to my hair....
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I'm so bad about posting.
Schools about to start (no that isn't my excuse lol).
I met a bunch of lolitas since the last time I posted, they're OMG so sweet!!!! I love them all!
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i'm so excited, i found some other nola lolitas!! finn_troll (she rocks!!!!)  tipped me off about a new orleans lolita meetup in egl.  I didn't get to make it because of prior commitments but i'm really glad to have found a group. i don't have very many friends that are girls and the ones i do have, we don't hang out and go shopping together or anything. it's gunna be really different for me since i'm used to just hanging out with boys and i'm looking forward to it :).
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